Thursday, January 26, 2012

God of Wonders: 2012 Kids' Club

In my last post, I mentioned that we had had a special prayer time at church for our upcoming kids' club and asked that you all join with us in prayer.  The first day of club, the rain came pouring down and the weather forecast was for pretty much nonstop rain the next several days.  We were somewhat discouraged and came up with a backup plan to have the club that day and see whether any kids came.  If none did, we would postpone the club until the following week.  But God was testing our faith, I guess, and He graciously brought out almost 30 kids that day even though it was still raining and the next days were beautiful and sunny.  There were 50 kids total who came to at least one day of the club and follow-up visits are already being made to their homes.  

We rented a trampoline for a couple of days and it was a big hit ...

Lots of fun games ...

Reciting the memory verse

Song time

Story time ... Our theme was God of Wonders and we taught about creation, the fall, and the Savior

The puppets helped emphasize the main point of the story

Snack time

Being silly

We have much to thank God for:

* answering specific prayers regarding the weather
* bringing out a good number of children
* our neighbor who graciously offered to watch Gabriel and Juliana so that I could be freed up
* two teenagers whose family has recently joined our church.  They were a huge blessing to us, helping to give out invitations, get the decorations set up, help with game time, music and puppets
* a lady at our church who made yummy snacks for the kids
* a 12-year-old girl who has come back for services and brought along a cousin of hers
* supporters who give generously to us so that we are able to host these kinds of events
* people who lift us up in prayer; God hears and answers
* the opportunity and privilege to share the gospel with children who have never heard before and hopefully have an impact in their lives that will last forever

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coming Together for Prayer

This past Sunday our church group had a potluck lunch after our Sunday morning prayer time.  We wanted to encourage our people to come out and pray together, something which has been very difficult.  It was also a way to welcome a couple of new families of believers who have joined us recently and get them to interact with our regulars in a more informal way.  These families have already been such a blessing and a help to us and we are thankful God sent them our way. 

Here are some things we prayed for that you can be praying for us as well:

* That God will be glorified through the kids' club we are having at church this week
* For good weather during the kids' club (it ALWAYS seems to rain, regardless of what time of year we have the club.)
* That many children will come and be impacted by the gospel
* For good opportunities for follow-up visits
* Spiritual growth in the lives of our church group -- those in leadership as well as the newer converts ... we all need to continue to be transformed by the gospel
* Salvation of several who have attended our church, including the husbands of two of our ladies
* For several children who come regularly on their own.  They have little or no encouragement at home to be going to church.  In fact, recently the mother of one girl has prohibited her from coming.  Pray that God will save these children at their young age and use them as shining lights in their homes.

Thank you for your interest in our work.  Wherever you are right now, will you please just take a few minutes to lift some of these requests up before God's throne on our behalf? 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Year-End Activities

Here is a picture summary of the past couple of weeks around here ...

Six new puppies!

Having fun at the Christmas playground in the mall (Mom, do we HAVE to stop and take a picture?)

Making lots of Christmas goodies

Working on a 2000-piece puzzle (WHOSE idea was it to get a puzzle with so much blue sky?)

David's debut as master turkey griller

Christmas Eve meal (we're SO glad that David's parents could spend the holidays with us)

Our creative fireplace and opening stockings on Christmas Eve

EVERY year, there is the discussion: What IS that animal on David's stocking?

Christmas morning breakfast is not complete without homemade cinnamon rolls

Reading the Christmas story and finishing the advent calendar with baby Jesus in the manger

Fun opening Christmas presents

Fun playing with Christmas presents

Christmas service

Children's Christmas presentation

After service food and fellowship ...




New Year's Eve get-together at our house

Several church people came by

Playing video games

Setting off firecrackers at midnight to bring in the New Year (a big tradition here)

Little fire poppers for the little boys (I don't know what they're actually called)

Bringing in 2012 with loved ones