Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Gabriel Has Been Up To

Gabriel is adjusting to life in Brazil quite well. The Brazilians love him, especially because he's very chubby and white, "branquinho". I often have to stop when I'm out with him so that people can talk to him and ooh and aah over him. He usually gives a big smile and tries to talk back to them. Everyone at church loves to hold him and sometimes the younger girls even fight over whose turn it is!
It didn't take long for the mosquitoes to discover his sweet American blood! We quickly learned that he has to sleep under a mosquito net over his crib every night.

His johnny-jump-up is one of his favorite toys. We like it too, since it keeps him occupied for a bit while David studies and I do housework. He jumps all the time, even if he's not in it. If we hold him in a standing position, he uses our legs as a trampoline and continues jumping.We splurged and bought him a walker. At first, he wasn't quite sure what to do with it and would just play with the toys on the "dashboard." Very soon though, he discovered it could take him just about anywhere he wants to go and he zips around the house getting into all kinds of trouble. His favorite place to be in the kitchen if I'm in there is right at my feet. That or by the trash can, trying to pull the bag out.

Once in a while, Gabriel enjoys some cartoons on TV. It keeps him occupied for a few minutes but then he's ready for the next adventure.
His latest new adventure was going to the beach for the first time. At first, he wasn't too excited about being there. Everything was so different for his little mind to process! But he soon began to enjoy himself, playing in the sand, splashing in the water and even eating some sand before I could catch him! Oh well, it's good for the immune system, right?

It's not all fun and games though. Gabriel goes with us everywhere since we don't have anyone to watch him at home while we go out visiting. He is a good sport though and only gets a little grumpy if it's way past his bedtime. Here he is visiting a one-day-old baby at the hospital three weeks ago whose family goes to our church. He wanted to hold the little baby boy (Andre) and he stopped long enough to pose for a picture with Andre's big brothers, Mateus and Davi.

Bath time has become a favorite activity for Gabriel. He's very glad that we put in an electric shower head so he can take a bath with warm water. Even though it's hot here, taking a bath with cold water isn't the most pleasant thing and I was having to heat up a pot of water to mix with his bath water.

Sometimes he does take a break in his busy day to settle down and relax a little. Here he is enjoying my new hammock.

At last he's asleep! But then I'm tired too and take advantage to catch a little shut-eye with him.