Monday, June 11, 2007

I Love My Family

We just spent a few days with my sister and brother and family. How fun to be able to surprise them for a five day visit. Interestingly - they were on the road at the same time we were. I called and spoke to my brother for an hour - only a couple hours away from each other. One of my last comments was: "I wish we could just be able to chat in the same room!" We arrived about 20 minutes before they did and were waiting for them upstairs at Christen's parents home where they are living. When they showed up - they were extremely surprised and we were very excited! James and Christen are headed to Brazil soon, and we wanted to spend some well needed time with them. Our intention was to show up and do whatever we could with them and that's what we did. James and I spent some time at the consulate taking a stab at getting some visas. The trip there gave us an opportunity to have good spiritual conversation. What a blessing to have talks like this with my own brother. That evening we went for a 6 mile jog - something we have done individually, but rarely together. The next day we took off to the beach in Galveston. This was a fun time all around. Feeding birds and ... well that's mostly what I remember about that. On (Wed - nes -day: inside joke) we watched "The Last Sin Eater" - an excellent Christian new release! That afternoon in talking with Rachel a bit - we decided we needed to stay in Texas another day and help her purchase a laptop as she was in desperate need of one. We were successful and Rachel is the proud owner of a laptop computer. These events stand out in my mind, but not as much as just the simple times on the couch or around the table talking and fellowshipping. This is a gift from heaven that I'm sure many families would covet. I love my family and I love God for drawing our hearts to Him which has produced edifying and encouraging conversation and fellowship. I thank God for Rachel, James, Christen, Daniel, Hannah, and little Jeremiah, as well Christen's Godly parents - Albert and Patty Armitage. They treated us as family and we are grateful for their hospitality - something that cannot be repaid.