Sunday, April 6, 2008

For His Glory and For Our Good

God has been so faithful to us - I don´t know where to begin.

Monday morning was hectic trying to tie up some loose ends. We arrived at the airport a bit late, only to run in to Wendy at the Delta counter - a member from a Baptist church in town. Unfortunately my wal-mart scale did not prove accurate at home - which meant overweight. Wendy helped us to re-pack our suitcases saving us over $300. She also checked our baggage all the way to Brazil which is unheard of. God placed Wendy and her kindness in our path for His glory and our good.

In Atlanta we were warned of a 30 minute delay, which turned into 1hr 30min. The flight put us in Miami a bit late, but Gabriel took us to the front of the line. We got through security and were among the first on the plane. Upon arrival in Sao Paulo we learned of missing piece of luggage. We filled out paperwork in hopes of seeing it again. When we arrived at customs we were only asked 4 questions and sent on through - once again - unheard of. God placed that agent in our path for His glory and our good.

As we walked through the sliding doors we were welcomed by my parents and my brothers family. They hauled us to a nearby hotel where we relaxed, had a steak meal, and went swimming. What a blessing to have parents and family that love the Lord and stand behind us 100%. God placed family in our path for His glory and our good!

That evening we were back on the plane and we arrived promptly at 1 am in Joao Pessoa, greeted by Jonathan Reiner- the missionary we are serving with. He and his family have been so gracious to provide some furniture and some things for us to eat! They have also hauled us around to look at vehicles in the area. God has placed Jon, Jenny and family in our path for His glory and for our good.

Thank you all for your prayers for us. We believe that God has placed you in our path for His glory and for our good. He is teaching us dependence on Him in the process. God bless you all!