Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This past week I took a trip to Argentina along with my father-in-law and a student from the seminary. Our goal was to share Christ with as many as possible, even without a grasp on the language. Even though the trip alone consumed most of the time we had available, we did have several opportunities to share Christ. Here they are:

1. A group that call themselves "Sem Terra" which means "without land". There are several pockets of 80+ people like this all over Brazil. These folks have decided that the government owes them land, so they go and live on someone else's land until they get what they want. This particular group had been waiting for 4 years on someone elses land of course.

My father-in-law saw their tents and decided we should try to share Christ. God blessed our efforts and at least 30+ came over to hear the gospel. They were very grateful we had come and invited us back! My mind goes wild wondering what might happen if someone was available to visit them once or twice a week. They have nothing to do and live 10 kilometers from the nearest town.

In speaking to their leader, I learned more about them. I encouraged their leader John to remember that even land on this earth is perishable, but that there is an imperishable world for those who repent and believe in Christ. He was attentive.

2. God presented us with an opportunity in a public square in La Cruz, Argentina. We made rounds inviting several to come here a simple presentation involving an open air painting, a drama and some music. 10 or 12 showed up and they heard of their sin and a need for a substitute to pay for sin. We met one young man from a baptist church in town and had good fellowship with him.

3. One on one's. We were able to have several personal conversations as well. I spoke to Alva who believed it was ok for man to kill another man as it would serve as an example to others of what not to do and maybe God's intention was that God take this mans life using another human being - so it must be ok. WOW! I've never had to convince someone that murder is sinful!

This trip was filled with the unknown. Where to go, what to do, how long to stay! On the other hand, the message we shared is fully known in the person and work of Christ! I am so glad we have no doubts as to what we should say to the lost. May God bless his word and cause repentance and faith in the hearts of those we spoke to.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Been a While

I read recently that if a blog is not updated frequently, it's like a plant that isn't watered enough -- it will wither up and die. I'll start a blog update, and then get distracted (I have 2 small children, after all),

get interrupted, the internet goes down, the pictures won't load, or any number of other things that keep me from finishing and posting the update. So this post is just to bring you up to speed on our current events.

Today will be the third Bible study that Christen and I are having with our small group of women. We gave each woman a copy of the book "Feminine Appeal" based on the virtues of a godly woman found in Titus 2. It was great to discover this book translated into Portuguese. Our goals with this study include teaching and encouraging the women to be reading their Bibles daily for their personal growth, to learn how to pray on their own, to promote fellowship between them, and to begin the practice of memorizing Scripture. This might seem overwhelming, but we are taking small baby steps with them and the response from them has been extremely positive.

Last Saturday night, we had an informal service at James and Christen's house. We would like to start having these meetings at our church people's houses to encourage them to invite their unsaved family and neighbors to attend. I know James and Christen invited many of their neighbors, but none came. However, most of our own group of believers came, which was encouraging since for several weeks now, our attendance on Sundays has been very low, and one woman also brought her unsaved sister-in-law. It was a great opportunity for all of us to be together to worship God with singing and to be reminded through James' short devotional that we were once God's enemies and yet He loved us enough to send His Son to die for us. Two of the women expressed interest in having a meeting like that at their houses, perhaps next month.

Yesterday, David, my dad and a seminary student (Adriano) left on a trip to Argentina.

I guess you could say it's kind of a survey trip, but mostly an evangelistic trip. They took lots of tracts (in Portuguese and Spanish) and wordless book keychains and bracelets to give out. I'm excited to hear about their adventures. Please be praying for them, that God will give them safety as they travel long distances, that God will keep them healthy, and mostly that God will provide many witnessing opportunities for them and that people will be saved. I'll make sure to ask David to post a blog about his trip next week after he gets back.