Tuesday, October 18, 2011


In light of what God is doing,  we have prayed about a proposal we would like you to consider and pray over.  God has graciously given us a small group of believers and a rental to meet in.  From the beginning of our first services we have stated the vision of our church:

·         The Exaltation of God in all things
·         The Transformation of God’s people
·         The Proclamation of God in Christ

God has been exalted, he has been transforming, and He is being proclaimed on a weekly basis.   We are looking at what God is doing, and simply trying to think ahead for what He would be pleased to do.  We realize that a church building is NOT the church, but it would be helpful for several reasons.

The Neighborhood.  Our location is in a strategic spot.  To the east there is an established neighborhood and to the west, there is an establishing neighborhood.  New homes, small businesses, schools and hospitals. 

Ministry Avenues.  Having a church building would facilitate us to accomplish outreach ministries in greater ways than we have been able to:

·         Kids’ clubs (Space for activities)
·         Hospitality events (Ladies meetings, giving out of food baskets, etc.)
·         Athletic ministries
·         Meeting spiritual needs for larger groups of people
·         Better chances to receive first-time visitors

Gospel Deficiency.  I can safely say that out of 100 surveys I have made, only one person has been able to explain the gospel to me in its simplest form.  This is by far the greatest reason to have a facility in order to shed light on the glorious gospel so as to bring men to Christ.

This endeavor would be impossible on our own, so here is the plan.  The Taylor Team has committed to invest as much as we are able into this project.  Our church here is also committed to this project through their personal giving. Considering the fact that many of our people make around $600 per month and this is a very expensive city to live in, it will be exciting to see what God does through their efforts.  We would also like to ask YOU to consider giving, either as churches, families, or even individuals.  

3 Step Process
Step 1:  Property and Building.
We would like to buy one property and build part of our building so as to get out of the rental.  For a property of 3,800 square feet, we are looking at $55,000.  For our first phase of building we will need approximately $20,000.  So, we are asking you to prayerfully consider giving to this need of $75,000.  Between my brother and me, we have roughly 40 supporting churches, so here is one way that could happen:
40 churches at $1000 + 200 families at $100 + 200 individuals at $50 + 200 individuals at $25 = Step 1 Complete!

Step 2:  2nd Property
As one property would be small, we would like to buy an additional property.  We have considered some options to get the second property, but they all include money.  This second step would cost another $55,000 (R$90,000). 

Step 3:  Auditorium
The final step would be to build an auditorium and adjacent classrooms.  We are asking the Brazilian Christians to play a larger role in this step.  

If God leads you to help, you can send any gifts to our mission address designated as Building Project.  

God bless you all and thank you for all you do!  David, Sharon, Gabe and Juliana

Feel free to post any questions in the comments area.