Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Party

The Taylor team decided to invite our neighbors and friends for a gospel party under the code name of "Christmas Party". The event was to start at 7, but by 8:20 there were only 4 friends here. It wasn't long after that - things took off!

We started off with some games to get everybody losened up. Seems like the adults enjoyed the games more than the kids.

After some games, mom Taylor and Christen took the kids to learn of Christ birth and I was able to share why Jesus came using the Matthew 1 passage. My emphasis was on Jesus name and it's meaning - primarily to save his people from their sins. Our neighbors were extremely attentive and I believe God was glorified.

The kids came back in and acted out the Christmas story for us - a nice finishing touch on the evening.

May God cause many of our neighbors and friends to repent of their sins this Christmas season, and put their faith in the work and person Christ. And may we look to Jesus as our Savior and Lord this Christmas season and glorify Him as such - above all other things (i.e. presents).