Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Praying for a House

Just a quick update for the three of you who check our blog ... :) We arrived in Curitiba safely last week. Our car was waiting for us when we got here and our belongings are waiting in São Paulo for us to release them once we find a house to rent. Last week, David and I traveled to São José along with James and Christen to look for a house. We found one that would have been a good option, but someone else is ahead of us on the waiting list and we won't know until this weekend whether they got it or not. Even then, we still would have to be approved as renters -- a process which can take several days. The amount of documentation that realties here require just for renting is amazing and often frustrating.

Yesterday, David drove back to São José with his dad to keep looking for a house. There just aren't that many available and of the ones that are available, most of them are not good options for us due to size, location and/or price. However, we are confident that God has called us to serve Him in São José and that He has the right house for us there. We have to patiently wait on Him while we pray and continue looking for a house.

Here are some specific prayer requests:

* patience as we wait for God's clear direction
* quick approval as renters once we find a house
* safe arrival of our belongings
* contentment as we adjust to living in a new place
* opportunities with our neighbors to share the gospel and have home Bible studies

This is a picture of the house we are on the waiting list for, just so you can have an idea.

Thank you for your prayers for us.